The company

Founded in 2021 in Houston, Texas, ITF Dynamics was built on a foundation of integrity and loyalty to the cause of providing AI solutions to make our planet a more secure and efficient place to live. Our team at ITF Dynamics is made up of scientists and engineers who are prominent in the world of AI technology.

The team

Advisory Board

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Our Partner


SimCRAFT LLC is a space systems engineering company engaged in mission design, simulation, analysis and STEM outreach.  SimCRAFT works with space industry customers by assembling teams of technical experts to solve challenging engineering problems.  In partnership with the ASTRO Lab at Texas A&M University, SimCRAFT also developed a Virtual Reality (VR) platform for collaborative space system and mission design that provides a high fidelity representation of the universe, including real planetary data from NASA/JPL,  correct physics for models of space and planetary environments, and human-in-the-loop scenario-based simulation.  This platform, called SpaceCRAFT, enables our customers to seamlessly integrate and test their system designs within a virtual simulation of their intended environment.  Students of all ages can also use SpaceCRAFT to contribute, collaborate and participate in the exploration and development of space by sharing models, creating joint simulations, and testing design concepts entirely in VR.